Cover Reveal: Spark of the Divine by Louise Holland

Spark of the Divine is the exciting epic fantasy debut of Louise Holland. For those who love a D&D adventure, this book will hit all the right spots with a group of adventurers setting out on an epic quest.

It’ll release later this month as an ebook, with physical releases coming later. And I also heard whispers there will be a super fancy edition coming next year! So why not read the ebook now and get a physical later?

Spark of the Divine

Genre: Epic Fantasy, adventure
Length: 601 pages
Cover Designer: Mike Knot
Release date: 23 November 2023

As a Divine, Mae wields her strange gifts quietly as a mercenary—until a simple rescue job sees the crew uncover a plot to steal divinity from the gods themselves. When the god Mae serves is attacked, she must restore their power before the seven realms are thrown into chaos.

The first instalment in fantasy series The Kalaraak Chronicles, SPARK OF THE DIVINE follows a group of reluctant heroes on a quest to save a god while the fate of the realms hangs in the balance. Will they each find what they desperately seek, or will secrets of romance and betrayal break them apart?

Can they work together to defeat an evil their realm has never seen?

Is it the strength of the god that matters… or the belief of the Divine?

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About the Author

Louise Holland is an indie author from Adelaide, Australia. She has been disappearing into fantasy worlds since the 90’s and lists her main writing influences as Sanderson, Hobb, and Riordan.
She plays Dungeons & Dragons every weekend and has a weak spot for secondhand hardcovers.

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