Cover Reveal: The Boddicker Letters by A.C. Cross

I’m always excited to do cover reveals because I get to share my enthusiastic opinion on the art, and anticipation of the new book. That’s especially the case today. The Boddicker Letters is A.C. Cross’s upcoming book, which is set to be released on December 15th. I want to read more cosmic horror and the epistolary structure is definitely one that intrigues me. Combine those and you have my interest! Then add a cover by one of my favourite cover designers, Luke Tarzian.

Luke creates covers that are out of this world so it’s a perfect fit for a Lovecraftian story where the protagonist goes to places where he probably shouldn’t. As a true artist, he doesn’t use AI in his work. Definitely check out his other work and his books! I think if you love A.C. Cross’s books, you’ll love his too.

The Bodddicker Letters

Genre: Epistolary, Horror, Lovecraftian
Cover Designer: Luke Tarzian
Release date: 15 December 2023

Titus Boddicker is in love. So in love, in fact, that he sends his beloved Luisa a letter nearly every day. Unfortunately for Titus, these letters paint a picture of a descent into the darkest regions of reality. Will he be saved? Can he? Can anyone?

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About the Author

A.C. Cross is a doctor, but not the kind that you want treating you for kidney stones or pneumonia or anything. That’d likely make your situation much worse.

He (currently) lives in the Great White North of the United States as a bearded, single man.

He’s a lover of words, many of which are in all his books.

He’s an admitted scotch whisky and beer snob and his liver would not argue with him.

He has written six books now, which is mind-boggling.

You can find more about him as well as some neat little free stories at

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