Cover Reveal: Strange & Sundry Magic by Cal Black

I’ve known about this project for a long time, before Cal Black put the first words on the page. I asked my sister if she could Cal’s ghost cat and my galaxy cat (Nebula, from Tales of Lunis Aquaria) together. So Berrick already has his first fan art piece! This Berrick is based on the early version of him, without his hind legs but I love the two of them together and wanted to share it.

The cover of Strange & Sundry Magic is now finished and Berrick looks a lot more fearsome now, something he’ll definitely appreciate. But there’s still a strong urge to pet him. Look how cute! Madeleine Noonie Barker did an excellent job on the illustration and Cal finished it with wonderful typography.

I can’t wait to read this Ghibli-esque cozy fantasy and go on an adventure with Velta and Berrick.

Strange & Sundry Magic

Genre: Fantasy Adventure, cozy
Cover Illustration: Madeleine Noonie Barker
Cover Design: Cal Black
Release date: May 2024 (ebook only) with the paperback to follow in summer 2024

When the witch Velta Quorrie finds the skeleton of the King’s Champion in her swamp, her plans of a quiet life studying magical plants are uprooted. The kingdom of Malka will fall to a dark invasion if there is no Champion to defend them. An ancient prophecy says so. Velta might not believe in prophecies, but the ghost of the Champion, Berrick, sure does. He won’t leave her alone until he’s certain the kingdom will be safe.

To Velta, the answer is easy: the king just needs to name a new Champion. When he does, no one is more surprised than Velta when the King chooses her. Now she and Berrick have to figure out how to be a hero using brains instead of brawn.

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About the Author

Cal Black is a Canadian writer based in Ontario who enjoys writing about messy people who make an effort to improve their situation. Cal was a contributor to The Advent of Winter anthology, a Finalist in the 2023 SFINCS novella contest, and is the author of the Legends & Legacies series. Cal writes gaslamp fantasy, cosmic fantasy, and has a bad habit of ‘trying out new genres’ when already full up on projects.

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