Cover Reveal: The Tidelings of Dras Sayve by C B Lansdell

Last year, I had the honour of doing the cover reveal for Far Removed by CB Lansdell, and we’re starting the year off with another cover reveal for the prequel novelette, The Tidelings of Dras Sayve! Lansdell once again created the cover and the art herself. I’m looking forward to reading Far Removed and The Tidelings of Dras Sayve soon! Will you join me?

The Tidelings of Dras Sayve

Release date: 21 March 2024
Genre: Sci-fi Short Story, Fantasy, Coming of Age
Art and Interior Illustrations: C B Lansdell

Maverick diplomat Emis Rindar travels to the northernmost clan in the Dras Channel, seeking the assistance of an old friend. After a lifetime of adventures across Knyadrea, a large moon, his next planned endeavour will be unlike anything he has attempted.

Isolated and enigmatic, the knyads of Dras Sayve keep even their neighbours at a distance, and few welcome the unorthodox ideas Emis brings from abroad. But all his breakthroughs happen here, and the Sayvians are the most technologically progressive knyads on the moon. Can Emis convince them that he will make a worthy mentor to one of their more curious juveniles?

This story is set 30 years before the events of Far Removed (C B Lansdell’s debut sci-fi novel).

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