Cover Reveal: The Fae Queen’s Court by Ceril N Domace

Ceril N Domace gathers her epic fantasy series The Fae Queen’s Court together into one omnibus! It includes the books Haven, Avalon, and Hiraeth. The omnibus will be released on September 30th but you can already preorder the book now.

Check out the ominous cover below! Isn’t it amazing?

The Fae Queen’s Court

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Length: 778 pages
Release date: 30 September 2023
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The fae aren’t something most people are concerned with. They haven’t been seen outside their havens since the Fae War and the research centers they fought to destroy have all long since been dismantled, so they’ve faded from public consciousness.

However, when Owen Williams’s wife turns into a gryphon and anti-fae forces try to kidnap their children, he’s thrust directly into the middle of the hidden conflict between the fae and the people who want to destroy them. Faced with the risk that his children will become fae like their mother, they must flee their home and seek safety with the fae or be locked away by those who see them as inhuman monsters.

But running won’t protect them forever. Invasion and betrayal threaten the Williams family’s newfound safety, and Owen finds himself on the forefront of a new war. To protect the ones he loves and avert a disaster that could wipe out the fae once and for all, Owen will need to find his place at the fae queen’s court.

This omnibus collects Haven, Avalon, and Hiraeth.

Preorder now!

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