Cover Reveal: Your Blood and Bones by J. Patricia Anderson

I’m very excited about showing off the beautiful cover of Your Blood and Bones by J. Patricia Anderson. Jenna Vincent did the illustration and Virginia McClain did the cover design. I love it! The details on the bird and feathers are amazing. But I’m also excited about the book itself. I only hope it won’t be too dark for me.

Your Blood and Bones

Release date: 27 August 2023
Kill the monsters when they’re found.

No matter who they used to be.

The girl with secret feathers in her skin and strange bones jutting out beneath her clothes is resigned to her fate. Her deformities mark her a monster and the stories say monsters must die.

When her family finds out and turns on her, a village boy saves her and leads her on a frantic escape. The girl believes her death has merely been delayed—until he mentions a cure.

With the world against them and the monstrous change progressing, they must cross water, forest, and field to chase the rumor that fuels their desperate hope. But is hope enough to keep them going?

Cover artist: Jenna Vincent
Cover designer: VM designs

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About the Author

I am a Canadian writer of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I have three little kids and a full-time day job as a programmer. Currently I write in my “spare time” but I’d love to make it…maybe 30% of my work time one day :D. More is probably wildly unrealistic, but full disclosure, I did recently make a deal with the gods above and below about what I will do for them if I get to retire early (even one year early!) or quit my day job outright. Stay tuned for that in twenty-five years or so.

I primarily write Fantasy novels and novellas about trees and non-human characters. Science Fiction is in my future–I wrote the 1st draft of my first Sci Fi novel at the end of 2021 but recently lost it to the ether in the age-old battle between authors and technology (BACK UP YOUR WORK. Now. Yes, RIGHT NOW). Ha. I’ll re-write it someday.

​In most of my work you can expect sibling relationships and mind-to-mind connections. In my Fantasy there is usually an outwardly “soft” magic system that is hard underneath, non-human perspectives, and characters tackling big questions. My Science Fiction focuses on reproductive rights, gender, sex, and feminist dystopia vs utopia.

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