Cover Reveal: Unfamiliared by J E Hannaford

J E Hannaford is releasing her new novella Unfamiliared at the end of July and she gave me a sneakpeek at the cover! Today I get to share it with the rest of you. The blurb of this novella speaks to me in so many ways. I can’t wait to read it!


Genre: Cozy Fantasy
Length: Novella
Release date: 30 July 2024
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After watching all Witchgorn’s familiars disappear through a portal, Eva Eclipse has to face the fact that she has lost all her protectorate’s familiars just before they host the magical inter village games, along with her chance at competing for the first time.

With no idea who stole them, and no way to work it out before the games begin, the protectorate might be facing a harmless prank, or something far more nefarious.

Can the village of Witchgorn pull together to get through a competition where they are the only competitors not using magic? And will Eva find more than a chance to compete as her need to find a fake familiar brings an old friendship back into her life.

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About the Author

J E Hannaford is powered by coffee, dragons and whisky. She teaches Biology in the real world and invents fantasy beasts to populate her own.
She lives in Suffolk, UK, and pines for the coast and mountains of Wales.
A love of nature, biology and the ocean permeates through the pages of J E Hannaford’s stories and pours out of the characters who live in it. She lives with her husband, son and a rather overexcitable puppy.

Her debut series was The Black Hind’s Wake Duology, a journey into alt- future folklore fantasy.

The second book in her Aulirean Gates trilogy released on 19th April 2024, and sees her take a detour from the ocean to travel through a portal into epic fantasy with portals and telepathic hounds.

J E Hannaford’s newest adventure is Unfamiliared, the first Two Chasm’s novella. This cosy, humorous fantasy has a sprinkling of witches, familiars and a sentient cafe. It is due for release on 30th July 2024.


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