Cover Reveal: We Deserve to Exist: An Inked in Gray Anthology

It’s been a hot minute but it’s finally time to talk more about this exciting project! I submitted a short story months ago and was accepted to be part of this anthology. No Monster of Frankstein will be in this fantastic collection and I’m honoured to share the pages with all these other talented authors. The anthology now has a cover! And we’re looking for ARC readers!

If you’re interested in an ARC copy, sign up via this link.

We Deserve to Exist

Edited by Kota Rayne
Participating authors: Allison Baggett-Rowe, Joris Filipp, Bernardo Villela, Tyler Wittkofsky, Rashmi Agrawal, Daphne Fama, Tessa Hastjarjanto, Marisca Pichette, Emmie Christie, Claudia Recinos, Kevin Mack, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Christina Ladd Learn more about the authors here
Release Date: 13 March 2023
Genre: A collection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror
Trigger warnings: violence, death, mental health, substance abuse


The world is not kind. It never was. Fear, jealousy, and anger fuel the actions of those who wish to assert their power and eliminate those they deem unworthy. There will come a time of reclamation—whether by force or by empathy—when those tides shift, a balance reborn. It must start somewhere. The reclamation of self, of culture, of heritage, and of our world starts within. No longer will those around us decide if we deserve to exist.

About Inked in Gray

Inked in Gray is a small agency of marginalized editors and creators building a platform to highlight previously-excluded authors and creators. Find Inked on Twitter. Sign up for their newsletter here.

One thought on “Cover Reveal: We Deserve to Exist: An Inked in Gray Anthology

  1. Alex says:

    Sounds like an awesome project, with a fittingly awesome cover! Very excited to read it when it comes out! 😀

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