Cover Reveal: Witch in the Lighthouse by Azalea Forrest

Witch in the Lighthouse by Azalea Forrest has been out for awhile but it’s getting a new cover! There’s a reason for that too. It’s now the first book in The Witch of Emelle Series. And it’s getting an audiobook. Forrest has been secretly working on a ton of exciting things and I can’t wait for what’s coming.

For those who want more Ghibli vibes and cozy fantasy, this is a book (and series!) you don’t want to miss.

Witch in the Lighthouse

Genre: Cozy Fantasy
Cover Design: Azalea Forrest in collaboration with Math Graphics & Audio

Witch in the Lighthouse is a warm cup of tea full of magic, hope, friendship, and forgiveness.

Moving to Lightview was supposed to be a new beginning for Magnolia Hanna, a piece of closure, a connection to her past. Inheriting her uncle’s lighthouse wouldn’t make her life easy, but she never expected such hostile neighbors. She was a witch from the hidden mountain hamlet of Emelle, after all, and Lightview hadn’t housed a witch in more than a decade.

Unfriendly villagers are the least of her problems, however, when a witch named Basil Olivander arrives on her doorstep, weighed down by his own grief. Maggie soon learns why Lightview harbors such disdain for witches — and who is to blame for her troubles in this new town.

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About the Author

Azalea Forrest is a fantasy author living with her partner, two cats, and leopard gecko in sunny Florida. Her stories focus on hope and adventure, being a better person, coping with mental illness, and doing your best. She loves getting inside a character’s head to learn who they are.

Aside from writing, she is also a photographer, editor, and gamer. Described as a “living Ghibli character”, Forrest wants to spread a little more light in the world. She is affiliated with Mathematician Records, where you can buy her books directly.

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