Cover Reveal: Isles of Corruption by Elyse Thomson

Isles of Corruption is the third book in Elyse Thomson’s epic fantasy romance series, Mages of Oblivion. This time we’re dealing with a curse and an arranged marriage. I love the mix of genres and can’t wait to check out another book in this lovely series.

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Isles of Corruption

Genre: Epic Fantasy, romance
Release date: 4 September 2024
Cover Design: Maria Spada


A scholar on the run

Hypatia dreamed of becoming a respected academic—until her research was used for treason. She hid for years, but now widowed and exposed, the bookish mage is compelled to flee the empire of Lethe. Striking a bargain with a foreign princess for safe passage, Hypatia soon finds herself tricked into taking the princess’ place as the bride of a grim warrior.

A warrior haunted by his past

Obsessed with fame and fortune, Sigimar dispelled a portion of the curse shrouding the kingdom of Ashla in a monster-infested miasma. He gained glory and a title for his reckless deeds, but lost his brother in the process. Commanded by his king to put his grief aside, Sigimar is forced to marry an allied nation’s princess—except he weds Hypatia, a woman he can’t help but desire, yet knows he must set free.

And the curse that will break them… or bind them forever

When Hypatia learns of Ashla’s horrors, she knows she must convince Sigimar’s king to dissolve the marriage contract—before she becomes monster fodder. Yet in the shelter of Sigimar’s embrace she finds a kindred spirit and an inescapable passion. As both her freedom and Ashla’s curse draw near, Hypatia must choose: save her own skin and doom Sigimar, or save the gentle warrior, and doom herself.

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About the Author

Elyse Thomson writes steamy fantasy full of court intrigue, daring heroines, magical mayhem, swoon-worthy romances and worlds inspired by ancient history. Elyse graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelors in History and Classics and currently resides in Canada’s capital where you can find her binding antiquarian books, playing Bladur’s Gate 3 or snuggling with her husband or her neurotic terrier.

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