Writing As Relief

Writing as a form of therapy isn’t new. I started journaling years ago when I felt low and didn’t know what to do. Writing down my thoughts and feelings has helped me organise them and helped me realise important things. Even when things got better, I didn’t stop, and now I’m grateful to have the Read More

5 YouTube Channels That Talk About The Art Of Writing

We can learn so much about stories and writing from reading, but not everyone learns the best from a book. Others have a preference for visual or auditive learning. That’s why today I wanted to highlight a few YouTube channels that talk about writing and stories. All of these have their own style and cover Read More

Finalist Writing Competition

December 31st was the deadline for the writing competition hosted by Dutch Comic Con. I took part in it before, but my story wasn’t selected that time. I wanted to give it another go, especially because the new theme was ‘games’. Games are kind of my thing (understatement of the year), so I thought my Read More