#indieapril Bingo! Support indie authors this month!

Last August I had this idea of expanding on the #indieapril and #indieaugust events by creating a little bingo. For now there are no rewards available to claim if you finish the bingo but that might change for future events. I love the indie community so I hope this bingo will help you to share that love, engage with the community, and support an indie author.

Don’t forget that the Narratess Indie Sale is happening again this month! It starts on April 13th and runs until the 15th.

Since there are no rewards, I don’t want to enforce any rules to it either but I’d love to see all your answers to the share prompts under the #indieapril hashtag. You can also tag @narratess in your tweets, @endalia.bsky.social on Bluesky, or @narratesscom on Instagram. I’ll share as much as possible on my feeds and stories.

Bingo Alt Text

You can go for a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal bingo.

#IndieApril Bingo

1. Buy an indie book
2. Show off your April Haul
3. Add an indie book to your TBR
4.Share a recommendation
5. Buy an indie book

6. Ask for a recommendation
7. Share a recommendation
8. Share your top ten indie books
9. Join a discussion about indie books
10. Share a cover you love

11. Watch or read an author intervew
12. Leave a review
13. Read an indie book
14. Share the backlist of an author you love
15. Share a shelfie

16. Share a quote from an indie book
17. Follow an author on social media
18. Organise or take part in a readalong
19. Follow an author’s Amazon or Bookbub page
20. Share a photo of an indie (e)book outside

21. Buy an indie book
22. Add an indie book to your TBR
23. Share your indie TBR
24. Leave a review
25. Buy an indie book

Support indie authors!

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