#indieapril Spotlight: The Origin of Pietas by Kayelle Allen

#indieapril Spotlight: The Origin of Pietas by Kayelle Allen

Genre: Science-fiction Length: 145 Pages Goodreads | Amazon Summary What if the enemy you hate is your only salvation? Marooned on a planet with no one but Six, a human who guarded him in exile, the immortal king Pietas must face the ordeal of survival. Imprisonment transformed him from superman to a man who cannot Read More

#indieapril Spotlight: Skylark in the Fog by Helyna L. Clove

Genre: Science-fiction Length: 597 Pages Goodreads | Amazon Summary So when the universe falls to pieces, it doesn’t mean your life has to, right? That comes later. Jeane Blake, captain of the spaceship Skylark, makes her living by looting dead worlds, planets fallen prey to naturally occurring wormhole-like rifts plaguing the cosmos. She survives the Read More

#indieapril Spotlight: Dirt-Stained Hands, Thorn-Pierced Skin by Tabitha O’Connell

Genre: Paranormal Romance Length: 95 pages Goodreads | Amazon Summary A queer, Beauty-and-the-Beast-inspired novella Heron thought ey wanted to be with handsome, charming Tiel—but the relationship hasn’t quite lived up to eir expectations. With Tiel’s confidence comes a tendency to be overbearing, and now he wants Heron to leave eir farm life behind and move Read More

BBNYA Review: Children of Chaos by Trudie Skies

Genre: Fantasy, Gaslamp Fantasy, Steampunk Length: 649 Pages Goodreads | Amazon Summary When the saints call, the sinners answer. Chaos stalks the steam-powered city of Chime and threatens the existence of the gods and their domains. Kayl swore to protect Chime’s mortals from their gods’ cruel whims, but when she agrees to represent the mortals Read More

#indieapril Spotlight: The Flaws of Gravity by Stephanie Caye

Genre: Urban Fantasy Length: 323 Goodreads | Amazon Summary Half-Faerie Jude’s been playing both sides of a supernatural cold war. She collects a paycheck from the Consilium for using her talents against the Faerie Court while simultaneously aiding her friend Aubrie’s search for illicit magic behind their backs. Aubrie wants more than magic, though, and Read More

#indieapril Spotlight: The Darkest Memories by Alyse N. Steves

Genre: Urban Fantasy Goodreads | Amazon Summary My name is Hadley Gordon. Parahuman mutations: telekinesis and telepathy. Employment: Agency for Parahuman Affairs. Age: twenty-six, not that I remember the first twenty-one. We’ll get back to that. I thought digging through criminals’ minds for a living was hard enough, but then a serial killer came for Read More

#indieapril Spotlight: In Darkness Cast by Jonathan Shuerger

Genre: Fantasy Length: 436 Goodreads | Amazon Summary “When Hell’s legions invade his homeland, a desperate warrior turns to the only mentor he can find – a bitter champion of the Everlasting Dark. Gideon Halcyon wants nothing more than to save his people from the forces of Hell. Demons and cultists run roughshod over his Read More

BBNYA Spotlight: The Time Trails by Jon McConnell & Dayne McConnell

Genre: Science Fiction Length: 358 Pages Goodreads | Amazon Summary “Four players. It’s in the rules.” “Is this like, some sort of academic decathlon or something?” “Something like that.” Walkman-toting, guitar-playing Finn Mallory blames himself for his parents’ deaths and would do anything to turn back time and set things right. So, when he’s recruited Read More