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BBNYA Tour: Lesser Known Monsters by Rory Michaelson

Genre: Urban Fantasy Length: 290 Pages Goodreads | Amazon Summary Being the chosen one isn’t always a good thing… Oscar Tundale is not a hero. Anxious, indecisive, and awkward, he can barely get through a normal day. Now he’s about to find out monsters are real. Oscar’s friends: brave, stubborn Zara, and hyperactive, paranoid Marcus, Read More

Review: Galen Leather 5-Pen Zippered Folio

I’ve recently received a small zippered folio from Galen Leather to review. I was already familiar with the brand because it’s hard to be in the fountain pen world and not have heard of Galen Leather. It’s one of the few brands that’s dedicated to creating leather accessories for fountain pens and they’ve recently started Read More

BBNYA Tour: These Violent Nights by Rebecca Crunden

These Violent Nights by Rebecca Crunden Genre: Romantic Dystopian, Fantasy Length: 620 Pages Goodreads | Amazon Summary Once upon a time, inhabitants of another world tore a hole through the universe and came to Earth. They called themselves Suriias, and rivalled humans in knowledge and skill with one great exception: they had magic. War followed. Read More

BBNYA Tour: Oil and Dust by Jami Farleigh

Genre: Fantasy Length: 510 Goodreads | Amazon Summary When all has been lost, we find ourselves… Out of the ashes of destruction, a new world has arisen. The plagues of the past—the worship of greed and pursuit of power—are gone. Now, the communities that remain in this post-apocalyptic world focus on creating connections, on forging Read More

Spotlight: Girl Squad Volta by Maya Lin Wang

Girl Squad Volta by Maya Lin Wang Genre: YA Portal Fantasy Length: 170 Goodreads | Amazon Summary For compulsive doodler, Wren, finding out that magical beings exist is a bit of a shock. Finding out that her childhood friend and unrequited crush, Laura, is one of those super beings? Less of a shock. Laura has Read More

BBNYA Spotlight: Haven by Ceril M. Domace

Haven by Ceril N Domace Genre: Fantasy, Science Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy Length: 280 Pages Goodreads | Amazon Summary Most people think the fae are gone. Most people are wrong. Owen Williams wakes after a horrific car accident to find his wife is dead—and somehow turned into a gryphon—and his kids gone after a home invasion Read More