#indieapril Spotlight: In Darkness Cast by Jonathan Shuerger

Genre: Fantasy
Length: 436
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“When Hell’s legions invade his homeland, a desperate warrior turns to the only mentor he can find – a bitter champion of the Everlasting Dark.
Gideon Halcyon wants nothing more than to save his people from the forces of Hell. Demons and cultists run roughshod over his home, slaughtering and sacrificing to a trifecta of fallen angels on the cusp of destroying the kingdoms of Man. Hope seems infantile in the face of extinction itself…

…until Gideon meets Ashkelon.

Coming from the Void beyond the world, Ashkelon alone survives the world he left in ruins. Cynical and ruthless, the dark sorcerer seethes with millennia of hatred, and his cursed sword Acherlith shrieks with the last screams of a thousand failed heroes.

Ashkelon makes Gideon an offer – to train him to be a hero of the Light beyond the failures sealed within his blade, a peerless warrior exceeding even the exacting standards of the Everlasting Dark. Reluctantly, Gideon accepts, and is thrust into a world of infinite cruelty under Ashkelon’s black fist where the slightest misstep will see him dead at the sorcerer’s hand.

As Hell consumes the hopes of Man, a hero is forged in Darkness.”

About the Author

Jonathan Shuerger is a Marine Corps veteran and author with a passion for telling stories and making people laugh. His first book, The Exorcism of Frosty the Snowman, was released in 2017. He lives in Tucson, AZ, with his wife and three daughters, who moonlight as domestic terrorists in their free time. Jonathan war-games, DMs tabletop RPGs, and slays it at Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, like every dad should

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