New Writing Prompts Every Month

Starting this year, we’ll have a new set of short writing prompts available for you. I created these sets as a warm up for your actual writing. Use these to write a scene, 100 to 200 words about anything, or created a dialogue between your characters and find out more about them. Find the full exercises below.

This year, the prompts will relate to each month, but next year the prompts will be a little more fantastical (I’ve already decided on the themes). I’m still working on longer writing prompts to go with other writing exercises, so I can create a library filled with writing resources. Those prompts will be posted on Twitter and Instagram first, but they all will be added to a gallery with all the prompts.

Writing Warm Up – A Scene

This might be the longest exercise of the three, but it also gives you a chance to create something complete, flash fiction even. Writing a scene about the prompt will help to get your creative juices going.

You’re in charge, so when you think you’re done, you’re done.

Writing Warm Up – 100 to 200 words

A quick start up. Write 100 to 200 words to warm up your brain and your fingers. Nothing else is needed. If you think 200 is not enough for you, make it a page, or 500 words. Whichever works best for you.

Writing Warm Up – Dialogue

If you want to explore your characters of your current projects a little more, consider writing a dialogue between two of them about the prompt. What would they say or do?

By making it a dialogue you don’t only explore each character’s personality, but also the relationship between the two. Why not let two characters share a glass of wine who aren’t able to meet in your story? Maybe you’ll find a connection there which will open more doors in your story.

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