Book Tour: The Riven Realm by Deck Matthews

Book Tour: The Riven Realm by Deck MatthewsThe Riven Realm - Volume 1 by Deck Matthews
Genres: Fantasy
Format: ebook

How do you kill a shadow?

As a raging storm descends on the Blasted Coast, the crippled young rigger, Caleb Rusk, meets a stranger on the road. Little does he know that the encounter will pull him into a conflict that threatens everything he holds dear—and change the course of his life forever.

Meanwhile, in the Capital of Taralius, a string of inexplicable deaths have captured the attention of the Ember Throne. Second Corporal Avendor Tarcoth is tasked with uncovering the truth behind a danger that could threaten the very fabric of the Realm.

Thank you to the author and The Write Reads for giving me a free copy as part of the blog tour in exchange for an honest review. A review for the first book, The First of Shadows, will come soon. For now, some hype!

Today I want to put the spotlight on The Riven Realm series by Deck Matthews. He combined the first three novellas into this awesome bundle for you to read and this is probably the one you want to read over the books separately. The story is written from multiple perspectives and just reading the first novella might not quench your thirst. So being able to read all three in one go is a good idea.

I’ve only read the first book so far and it reads like most fantasies. The story is exciting, fast paced, and filled with magic and death. If epic fantasy is your thing, you’ll definitely enjoy this. It reminded me of Kingshold, another epic fantasy I read earlier this year. It’s the same intensity, the darkness, the intrigue.

Deck Matthews revealed on Twitter he will soon continue his journey into the series and write the next three books back-to-back. I’m sure we’ll hear more about the rest of the series next year which can’t come soon enough (for various reason). So if you’re looking for a new fantasy series to loose yourself into, consider The Riven Realm by Deck Matthews.

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