Review: Starstruck by Brenda Hiatt

Starstruck by Brenda Hiatt is the second novel in the Spark bundle. I went in blind, without looking at the cover or reading the description. All I knew was that it had fantasy/science-fiction elements and targeted the young adult audience. That’s enough for me to start reading. It’s also very refreshing since I’m not able Read More

Leaving Mystical Japan: The Last Dragon King by James Calbraith

We’ve arrived at the last book of ‘The Year of the Dragons’ series by James Calbraith, The Last Dragon King. I didn’t like the previous book as much as I did the others, but the epic conclusion in The Last Dragon King makes up for it. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read all Read More

The Future of Mystical Japan: The Shattering Waves by James Calbraith

[aesop_chapter title=”~” bgtype=”color” full=”on” video_autoplay=”on” bgcolor=”#006489″ minheight=”10″ revealfx=”off” overlay_revealfx=”off”] We’re almost at the end of an epic story. Today I’m talking about the seventh, the penultimate, book of The Year of the Dragon series, The Shattering Waves by James Calbraith. As always, this review might contain spoilers if you haven’t read the previous books. The Read More

Returning to Mystical Japan: The Chrysanthemum Seal by James Calbraith

[aesop_chapter title=”~” bgtype=”color” full=”on” video_autoplay=”on” bgcolor=”#006489″ minheight=”10″ revealfx=”off”] Where The Rising Tide was the conclusion of the first story arc of James Calbraith’s “The Year of the Dragon” series, the first book of new arc – The Chrysanthemum Seal – dives deeper into the making of a legend.The previous book in this series, The Year Read More

The Politics of Mystical Japan: The Rising Tide by James Calbraith

[aesop_chapter title=”~” bgtype=”color” full=”on” video_autoplay=”on” bgcolor=”#006489″ minheight=”10px” revealfx=”off”] What’s a good epic fantasy without some troubling diplomats who try to blackmail their way into higher ranks? And why not betray your own allies with secret weapons to get ahead? Yamato is filled with begrudged officials whose status is more important to them than anything else. Read More

The Nature of Mystical Japan: The Islands In The Mist by James Calbraith

We’re continuing our journey through Yamato, James Calbraith’s alternate version of Japan. The Islands In The Mists is the third book in the series The Year Of The Dragon. This is the first book where the story in Yamato splits into multiple points of view, as well as expanding on the burgeoning storyline in Qin only teased in earlier books. Hold on to your obis, because you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Meeting Mystical Japan: The Warrior’s Soul by James Calbraith

Last month I started the ride through Yamato with the review of James Calbraith’s The Shadow of Black Wings. This week I’ll treat you to the sequel, The Warrior’s Soul. There will be spoilers to the first book and minor spoilers for this one. You’ll still be able to enjoy reading The Warrior’s Soul after reading this review.