Book Tour: The Wrongful Death by Kenneth B. Andersen

Book Tour: The Wrongful Death by Kenneth B. AndersenThe Wrongful Death (The Great Devil War #3) by Kenneth B. Andersen, Kenneth Bøgh Andersen

on April 19th 2019
Also by this author: The Devil's Apprentice (The Great Devil War, #1), The Die of Death: The Great Devil War II
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 317
Format: ebook

An unfortunate chain of events makes Philip responsible for the untimely death of the school bully Sam—the Devil’s original choice for an heir. Philip must return to Hell to find Sam and bring him back to life, so that fate can be restored. But trouble is stirring in Lucifer’s kingdom and not even Philip can imagine the strange and dark journey that awaits him. A journey that will take him through ancient underworlds and all the way to Paradise.

The Wrong Death is volume 3 of The Great Devil War series.

The Wrongful Death is the third book in the Great Devil War series by Kenneth B. Andersen and the third book in the series blog tour organised by Dave from The Write Reads. Thanks to the author and Dave for providing me with a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Where the previous book felt like a loose addition to the series, this one continues the story like I thought and expected. The stage is set, we’re familiar with the world, so now we can change it. The second half of the book is definitely getting darker as the stakes get higher. Kind of the same as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. People start dying, conspiracies increase and traitors are revealed.

There is still the handholding writing style I don’t like very much, but then there is also the constant name dropping. Just adding in names of famous people from religious texts, mythology, and other real world celebrities. I don’t care for it and I feel like most of it doesn’t add much. Maybe if I turn it into a drinking game, I’d actually get some enjoyment out of it.

The one character I’m rooting for is Sam. Philip is undergoing a transformation and I’m kind of hoping the same will happen to Sam eventually, but the reverse. I want Sam to turn into the good guy, maybe even the hero. Because how unexpected would that be? That’s the kind of character development I want.

I give The Wrongful Death three stars. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other two for the reasons mentioned above. I do hope the next book will stir away from the formula of the first few books because it doesn’t match up with what I expect the conclusion will be.

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