#indieapril Sale: Fantasy, Science-fiction, and Horror

To celebrate #indieapril, I wanted to connect authors and readers, and what is a better way than by hosting a large sale? When I started planning it early this year, I never expected there was this much interest from the indie author community. This is the first time I’m doing this so it wasn’t an open call. I also didn’t want to reject people because of their lack of ratings, cover, or blurb. The only reason I turned down books was because they didn’t fit with the genres I had in mind: fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

All of the books in this sale are those you’d find in those sections in a bookstore. The covers and blurb should give a good idea of what you can expect in the book, so I hope you’ll give them an honest chance.

The sale has a hundred books in the three genres. They’re standalones, first in series, and anthologies. A perfect way to try out something by a new-to-you author! I started out by asking people who’s books I loved if they wanted to participate (they said yes!) but I won’t tell you who they are. If you’re a regular reader of the Narratess blog, you’ll know, but below are some notable books as picked by people other than me.

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I hope you’ll have a great time browsing books, wishlisting them, and maybe even buy a couple. For the low price of free, $0.99 cents, or $1.99, it’s a cheap present for yourself and the author!

The sale will officially run until the 22nd but individual books might have other dates for price changes.

Notable books

BBNYA Finalists:

Wilthaven – Oli Jacobs

Spectre – Katie Jane Gallagher

Our Bloody Pearl – DN Bryn

May Day – Josie Jaffrey

Queer lit winner/Stabby Nominee:

Children – Bjørn Larssen

Multiple award-winning/nominated:

The Watcher of the Night Sky – Rachel Pudsey

SPSFC Finalist:

Duckett & Dyer: Dicks For Hire – G.M. Nair

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