#Indieapril Author Spotlight: Rune Rivers

Rune Rivers

“Rune Rivers is a 23-year-old author and artist from the Pacific Northwest. He attributes his writing capabilities to AP English courses, writer’s conventions, fanfiction, and a love of reading. The characters in his ongoing Soul of Lucifer series have been built upon since he was in middle school – where he met his lifelong partner and co-conspirator, Nathan.

Currently, he resides in Oregon – pursuing creative endeavors between shifts as a structural bodyworker, and spoiling his chihuahua, Tobi.

At present, his focus remains on building the Soul of Lucifer series with the upcoming third book, as well as a supplementary series on the side.”

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Soul of Lucifer: Lost

A modern day angel inherits the war of her predecessor through means of reincarnation.

After waking up alone in a clearing, battered and bruised from a demon hunting assignment gone wrong, Oren tries to piece together what happened. In trying to report back upstairs, she finds herself down a wing and – to make matters worse – abandoned by Heaven. In her anguish, she accidentally activates a power she’s not aware of, the luminosity of which attracts a livestreaming passerby.

The wax seal of fate dries.

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