#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: Robert V Aldrich

Robert V. Aldrich

Robert V Aldrich was raised on cheap anime and B-rate sci-fi, and his tales reflect this. With a tilt towards action, his stories are meant to be invigorating departures from classic speculative fiction and embrace the more-kinetic influences of modern geek fare. In the pages of his novels, you’ll find traces of comic books, classic video games, action figures, professional wrestling, musical theater and even modern music.

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Sam, a young, carefree girl, living with her family on their farm witnesses, for the first time, two legendary creatures battle in the distant mountains. Towering over those mountains their battle can be felt by the young girl. Awe and wonder fill her and what seems to be a simple sighting of epic proportions pales in comparison to the dangers and adventure that lie ahead.

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