#indieaugust Wrap-up

#indieaugust is over so let’s celebrate all of the authors we featured this month! Congrats again to all semi-finalists of BBNYA. I’m really looking forward to seeing the finalists which will be announced soon. Keep your eyes open on the official Twitter account. And if you’re an author and want to be in the spotlight, you can sign up now for a spot in April 2022!

Did you pick up any of their books? Share your hauls in the comments below!

August 1 G.V. Pearce
August 2 Caedis Knight
August 3 Derek Nelsen
August 4 Rachel Rener
August 5 S C Gowland
August 6 Rey S. Morfin
August 7 Zoe Ashwood
August 8 Randall McNally
August 9 Brandon M. Lindsay
August 10 D N Bryn
August 11 E G Radcliff
August 12 Elisha Bugg
August 13 Hayley Reese Chow
August 14 Ingrid Seymour
August 15 C J Hall
August 16 Cami Murdock Jensen
August 17 Charlotte Murphy
August 18 Michelle Winkler
August 19 M A Leon
August 20 Anna Mocikat
August 21 Anela Deen
August 22 C L Murray
August 23 Zack Argyle
August 24 Victoria J. Price
August 25 Sam Clarke
August 26 S. H. Cooper
August 27 C. G. Harris
August 28 Kevin Barrick
August 29 Igo Rab
August 30 Fallon Arsenault
August 31 Robert V Aldrich

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