On My Mind: Where To Go Next

Tales of Lunis Aquaria will release in less than two weeks! The first story I wrote was The Sacred Maiden which you can find here as well, but I wrote it over five years ago. It was the first of ten short stories set in the world of Lunis Aquaria and nine ended up in this collection.

My goal was to be published and in two weeks I’ll have achieved that goal. I think that publishing a book is on the bucket list of many, but only a small group will achieve that goal. An even smaller group will pursue the publication of a second book. This is what I think separates the authors from writers. Authors seek publication, writers just want to write. If it sells, that’s great. If not, on to the next story. I’m a writer and I’ll keep on writing even after my twentieth book got published. So, what’s next for me?

Next On The List

I’m still working on Devil’s Deal which I’ll finish this month. I’ll send it to my first readers soon and I’ll take that time to plot book two and three in this trilogy. My goal is to finish all first drafts this year so I can release them all in a close time frame later. You’ll have to wait longer before I reveal more information about the whole series. You can check out my post about Devil’s Deal as my NaNoWriMo project.

This is another project I’ve been working on for years. When I wrote the first scenes, my friend Jeroen Steenbeeke asked if I wanted to do beta reading for his new series. I agreed, without knowing how much the themes overlapped. But not a little, no. A lot. I had to stop writing because I noticed how it influenced my writing. Out of respect for Jeroen, I put it aside and focused on my short stories. You can check out Repulsion, the first in the Unbound series, on Amazon. If you think Devil’s Deal is something you’ll like, I know you’ll enjoy Repulsion.

If paranormal romance is your thing, you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes on this one. If fantasy is more your thing, read on for more.

And Beyond

Next up is the continuation of the adventures in Lunis Aquaria. A few of the early readers shared their favourite story and all of them picked a different one. I’m glad that every story has its own fans, but it makes it hard to decide who’s story I’m going to tell first. Lunis Aquaria is filled with stories I want to share with you and I only have so much time. I’m considering releasing novellas besides my main serial which continues after the happenings in the last story. Help me choose the next story in the world of Lunis Aquaria. By voting for your favourite story.

Tales of Lunis Aquaria will be available to read on April 18. Preorders are available on Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords. You can also the book to your Goodreads shelf right now. Are you a bookblogger? You can request a review copy by contacting me at tessa @ narratess dot com.

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