#Indieapril Author Spotlight: A.E. Bross

A.E. Bross

A.E. Bross is a nonbinary, genderfluid indie author interested in fantasy in all of its forms, as well as horror, science fiction, and romance. When not getting lost amid the writing of the Sands of Theia books, she is an academic librarian, passionate about open education resources and information literacy. She currently resides in the mountains just beyond the Greater New York area with her family, which includes her spouse, her kiddo, and two kitty grandchildren who refuse to get along.

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The Roots that Clutch

Theia is an unforgiving world, one of sand and heat. There are no rains, and what water there is trickles from dying springs and wells. Those who control the waters control all. They are the god-kings. These tyrants of the last remaining city-states have shackled their subjects and depleted world, enslaving all by the might of their false divinity. Above all, they control thaûma—Theia’s magic.For anyone on the desert planet unfortunate enough to possess the ability to wield thaûma—called thaumaturges—only indoctrination and servitude await them at the hands of the god-kings.This is Tirzah’s curse. Tortured by a sadistic older sister and kept locked from sight by her sycophant father, Tirzah’s life is one of shame and cruelty. Even the awakening of her thaûma brings her no respite, as she is soon “gifted” to the God-King Hovilan as his newest bride. But when her new mentor Bariah, a member of the insurgent thaumaturge order known as the Shadow Collective, comes to her rescue, Tirzah finds a new life among the outcasts of Theia’s wastelands.Yet the deserts are no place to hide, and before long Tirzah’s old life, and the brutal realities of her world, poise to shatter her fragile freedom, and drag her back into the shadows of the god-kings themselves.

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