#Indieapril Author Spotlight: Cherie Mitchell

Cherie Mitchell

Cherie Mitchell is a prolific multi-genre writer based in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand (the Hermit Kingdom). Books and series to date include the highly popular Lake Ness series, the Toven Discoveries series, The Breach series, The Nothing Room series, and The Voyager series. Her latest work, The Quirinus series is a space trilogy with the first book released at the end of January 2022. An ardent storyteller, Cherie enjoys building worlds and creating relatable, memorable characters.

Cherie’s literary awards include the Litnet Small Towns, Big Stories Award (with a prize that included a paid-for trip to the US to receive the award) and several short story prizes and accolades.

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Lake Ness: Extinction Is About To Be Redefined

Beneath the inky black surface of Lake Ness lurks something too monstrous for this world…

Gerry Lawson, a washed-up scientist slowly recovering from a life that got out of his control, finds himself saying yes when his cousin Marnie asks him to help her and her partner Jim with an outdoor survival program for disadvantaged kids. Not quite sure what he’s let himself in for, he slowly adjusts to the isolated environment of Lake Ness and the challenges of living with a bunch of often erratic and unpredictable teenagers.

However, it’s not long before their best-laid plans start to unravel. Some of the kids aren’t too good at obeying the rules of the camp, Gerry finds himself dragged back down into memories he’s been trying to avoid, and Marnie and Jim have had a falling out. The FBI is also sniffing around and everyone knows that they don’t generally like to spend money unless it’s money well spent.

On top of everything else, there’s something large and dangerous living in the lake and as impossible as it sounds, Gerry is starting to think they’ve discovered some long-extinct aquatic dinosaurs living in this isolated waterway, creatures who are rapidly developing a taste for human flesh. Someone is going to have to step up to be a hero before more lives are lost and it looks like Gerry is that man. Unfortunately, volunteering to be a hero was never one of Gerry’s preferred career choices.

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