#Indieapril Author Spotlight: Olga Gibbs

Olga Gibbs

Olga Gibbs is a British novelist, a mental health expert who has experience of working with disturbance in adolescents and young people. Using her Masters in Creative Writing, she explores taboo topics such as borderline personality and social effective disorder, effects of abuse and insecure attachment in young people and the inner world which is so rarely spoken about. Olga Gibbs is also a creative writing coach and mentor.

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In a dull and misty English town, an ordinary girl lives her trying life. But alongside her boring world another world lingers. The world of angels: with Heaven and Hell, with cities, suspended high in the skies and cities, hidden deep beneath the surface, with creatures, harvesting humans… and prophecy of assassinated archangel, one day reborn within a human.

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