#indieapril is back!

March and July are my busiest month as I prepare for #indieapril and #indieaugust, and I’m never fully prepared. But I love shouting about the wonderful indie books I read and the amazing people that make up the indie community. We deserve to be in the spotlight, authors and readers a like. That’s why I’ve organised another big sale to connect authors and readers.

Narratess Indie Sale

When I started this a year ago, I didn’t even think I could find more than a dozen friends who would join me. Now we have more than 130 authors and over 170 books in the Narratess Indie Sale. This time I’ve actually looked at the dates and didn’t plan it around Easter. If you like fantasy, science fiction, and/or horror, this is a great selection to start with.

It officially starts tomorrow and runs until Monday evening, midnight. After that, I can’t guarantee the books will be on sale. So don’t wait too long to grab any books! We’ve got SPFBO, SPSFC, and BBNYA participants, semi-finalists, and finalists. With over 170 books I’m sure there’s something you’ll like and don’t have yet. We also stepped away from only first in series or standalones, and I know some authors have discounted the whole series, not all of them mentioned on the site.

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Creators to check out

I’ll be featuring thirty books this month but I’m not the only one gushing about indie books. I have many, many friends who also love and advocate for indie books. Here’s a list of creators to check out.


The Shaggy Shepherd
The Moon Kestrel
Jo Linsdell
Like Herding Cats
Sue’s Musings
The Artsy Reader


Portable Magic
Andrew’s Wizardly Reads
Kayla’s Hidden Shelf
Tori Talks
The Nerdy Narrative

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