#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: A.J. Flowers

A.J. Flowers

A.J. Flowers is a USA Today Bestselling fantasy author based out of Detroit. When not creating new worlds, she’s designing life-saving components on those death traps humans like to call “automotive vehicles.” She loves her writing, her work, and above all, her faith and family. When not writing, you can find her saving the world from annihilation on her favorite video games side-by-side with her Dutch husband, beautiful daughter, and Blue Russian kitties named Luna and Mina.

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Dragonrider Academy: Season 1

Never trust a jock.
That was my first mistake. When Max Green invited me to a night party on the beach, I should have known better. The Resorties are rich kids who can’t see past their own cruelty. When Max and his friends trap me in the water, the only way for me to go is down.
It would have been an ironic death, given that my father drowned in the very same waters. But that’s not what happened. Instead my entire world changed when the Lady of the Lake took me to a new realm, one that had been hidden from me my entire life.

Dragonrider Academy is a secret society I’m not even supposed to know exists. It has knights with talking swords, professors who breathe fire, and a hot guy named Killian who seriously gets on my nerves.
It’s his fault I’m stuck here in the first place. He wants me to be his partner and face all the challenges Dragonrider Academy has to offer. He says we’re fated to be together, that I was the one who called him! Crazy talk.

Or is it?
Whatever secret he’s hiding, I need to get it out of him before I do something stupid… like fall for the bad boy who got me into this mess in the first place.

Enjoy the entire first season of Dragonrider Academy, a 100,000 word Fated Mates collection starring Vivi, a no-nonsense kind of girl who knows what she wants. Unfortunately, what she wants is Killian and she’s not going to like the reason when she finds out why they’re Fated Mates!

In this book you will find:
The complete first season of Dragonrider Academy.
500+ pages of dragons, adventure, and new adult romance.
Realistic teen situations, including drinking, bully attacks, and maybe a few unrealistic events such as wild dragons devouring the realms!
A pet finch that turns out to be a very special ally

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