#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: T. M. Kohl

T. M. Kohl

T. M. Kohl’s passion is writing fantastic stories with unique worlds, cultures, and languages. Every day, her worlds grow a little bigger as she learns and gets inspired. Her current works include the epic portal fantasy series, The Warriors of Bhrea. But don’t be fooled, there are at least 4,567 other book ideas in her head. She is also an art hobbyist and loves to draw characters from her books as well as fanart of books, movies, games, and TV shows she enjoys. When not writing or drawing, she enjoys hiking, playing the piano, and cuddling her cat Loki.

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The Lost King

She’s trapped on another world. With a strange voice in her head. What will it take to get back to Earth?
Lauren Strauss wanted a normal life, but fate had another idea in mind. Plagued by bizarre dreams and questions about her family’s past, Lauren hopes the day of her college graduation will lead to her getting answers…

When she’s caught up in a violent attack that rocks downtown Chicago, her mother arms her with a mysterious amulet which she will soon realize has a mind of its own. Tearing her from Earth and dropping her in an alien place, it abandons Lauren and leaves her to navigate this new world by herself. With the help of a young warrior, she discovers the secrets of her past and a new destiny she must embrace.

She will do anything to return home. But can she?

The Warriors of Bhrea is a new adult epic portal fantasy series with clean romance. Get The Lost King today and join our heroine in a breathtaking world of valiant warriors, unique magic, and an ancient mystery waiting to be uncovered…

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