#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: Charlotte Murphy

Charlotte Murphy

Born and raised in South West London, Charlotte has been reading since she was three years old.
Her love of reading eventually morphed into creating her own stories and finally, after many false starts and revisions, she has taken the leap to releasing her work to the world.

After studying English and Creative Writing at Brunel University back in 2007, and working consistently within corporate environments, Charlotte’s first three novels – The Antonides Legacy – are finally available.

A project fifteen years in the making, Charlotte hopes that with these books, she will be able to reach out to an audience who appreciate excitement, simplicity and diversity in their choice of books.

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Genesis of Dragons

Before THE ANTONIDES LEGACY came the tale of Mortan Ranger, a man who risked everything to save his country and his heart…

Guilty over the inability to save his family, Mortan Ranger sets out to destroy the dragons who slaughtered them.
While hunting for his next kill, Mortan meets Elys Aulandri, the princess of an Agmantian tribe, intent on avenging those who have wronged her. When Mortan and Elys discover they are working toward the same goal, they band together to evade the forces of the evil necromancer Vargrim Nix and purge the last remaining dragons from their world.

Set a thousand years before the events of THE ANTONIDES LEGACY, finally uncover how dragons disappeared from the world and the prophecy set in motion to bring them back.

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This book is one of the BBNYA semi-finalists, a contest run by book bloggers to vote for their favourite indie-published book. To read more about BBNYA, click here.

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