#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: Christopher Guhl

Christopher Guhl

Christopher is a fan of all things creative! He started writing fantasy and science fiction novels after graduating with an emphasis in creative writing from the University of Iowa. Since then, he’s published multiple novels in each genre. Aside from writing, he enjoys cosplay, breakdancing, and spending time with his wife, young son, and their little dog.

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Absolute Essence

The disastrous yurdarks are born from the elements, ravage Essence City, then die by the evil king’s hand. When one is powerful enough to evade his mindless army, Neema’s best friend, Tem, is torn from her arms to serve. Neema then joins a rebellious adventure in hopes of stopping the endless cycle of torment and getting him back. But as a mindless soldier, will he still be the Tem she knew? Finding out could cost the entire rebellion… and the rest of Essence City with it.

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