#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: Joel Spriggs

Joel Spriggs

Joel Spriggs (1982-?) was born and raised in Frankfort, IN. He graduated from Franklin College of Indiana in 2004 with a Bachelor of the Fine Arts in Computer Science and Broadcast Journalism.

Joel’s first novel, “Over A God’s Dead Body” was published in June 2018 and is the first in a planned series surrounding the same characters and fantasy world.

Joel has successfully defended his beard from being stolen 1873 times out of 1877 attempts by his elder brother. On the five occasions he failed, Joel immediately set about growing a new beard and refining his defenses.

Joel lives with his wife and three children in scenic Lebanon, IN. He maintains a website and blog at joelspriggs.com.

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Another Dead Intern

Boston’s magical community is cursed with a snarky private detective.

Private Investigator Hemlock Connal has a problem with her assistants. They all die… violently. When Morgan Burns became her new intern, they both wonder if he’ll meet a similar tragic end.

As Hemlock and Morgan embark on a case together, she teaches about the unseen and blended landscape of magic. Hemlock introduces Morgan to grungy pixies, Fae royals, and the annoyingly bad musical talents of a half-demon.

Hemlock does her best to help Morgan quickly adapt to his broadening world to keep the two things he needs most: his life and a paycheck.

Can he survive Hemlock’s sarcastic nature, dealing with murderers and magical creatures? Or will Hemlock just get another dead intern?

Another Dead Intern is the inaugural in a humorous supernatural mystery series!

If you like absurd detective comedies, macabre humor, and paranormal investigations, then you’ll love the first installment in Joel Spriggs’s hilarious urban fantasy thrill ride. Buy Another Dead Intern to start the madcap fantastical adventure today!

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