#Indieaugust Author Spotlight: Joshua Shuh

Joshua Shuh

Joshua Shuh became an author to have a legitimate reason to wear sweater vests. The following is a short history of what makes him excellent!

Joshua was Born in Ann Arbor, Mi. He has lived in seven different states, even including such exotic locations as Ohio. He currently resides in Ohio with his wife Cara, daughter Lynn, Neapolitan Mastiff/Ogre Trudy, Doofusy Poodle Floyd, Masochistic Cat Eugene, and Norman (a cat with a very prominent primordial pouch).

Joshua has had several different careers, to include: Professional magician, Military Intelligence, Physician (seriously), Professional Fundraiser, and Author. Out of these careers he likes being an author the most.

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In a Hotel Room in Chillicothe


The Voice wakes Jon. His chair makes a circle with six others and each chair subdues a stranger. The Voice’s tone is light, but his actions are ruthless. Within moments, the instructions are delivered. Every ninety minutes Jon and his unwilling neighbors will vote on the next person to leave the game. The only way to leave is by death.

Well, that’s not the only way. For one “lucky” participant there’s a reward at the end of this contest. One of these seven seemingly perfect strangers is going to meet the man that made it all possible, the man that makes everything possible.

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