A WIP Update

This might be a first for me, a Work In Progress update where I talk about things going on and about the book I’m actively working on now without a reveal of any type. But I feel I need to talk about it.

The Re-launch of Devil’s Deal

I know the book hasn’t even been out for a year, but after the first reviews I knew it needed more editing. The story itself was good (could still be better), but the problems the reviews saw were mostly fixable with another good round of editing. So I’m working on that now with an editor and we’re going to make it even better. I don’t have a new release day yet because I never worked with an editor for long form fiction before, only short stories. But expect it sometime this year.

If you’ve bought Devil’s Deal (either ebook or paperback) or received an ARC, let me know you’re interested in the new version and I’ll send a new ebook (.MOBI, .EPUB, or .PDF) your way, free of charge.

The sequel to Devil’s Deal

I’ve finished my third draft today and I’m giving it to my first reader again. After I edit the manuscript according to their comments, I’ll send it to the editor and make sure it’s good. It’s about a year since I put down the first words for this manuscript and wrote it in much shorter time than Devil’s Deal. No three time NaNoWriMo project, no years of coming up with the perfect story. I have had a break (our trip to Japan) and a period in which my health and my brain power were in a bad state.

Even with nearly two books finished, I’m still looking for what the best writing process is for me. Building a routine is hard because my daily life is heavily influenced by so many factors. I don’t know if I’ll have a good day or not, and if it’s not, which part of me isn’t working. I have to look at things day by day and see what I can do.

Going forward

Now I’m going to focus on the draft for book three and hope to have it done before the summer. There is something else I want to try too. I noticed I start getting sloggy after working on my story for awhile and I need more and regular breaks. During these breaks my mind often wanders off to another WIP. I want to give myself permission to work on that other project too while I’m drafting book three. That means it might take longer to finish (not necessarily though), but I’ll have the next book ready much quicker. Even if I only finish half of the draft, it’s still more than what I would have if I only focused on book 3 and didn’t use the downtime to work on something else.

A follow up to Tales of Lunis Aquaria is in the works. I won’t reveal which story is the prelude to this one, but a lot of people have mentioned it was a favourite.

For more information about Devil’s Deal, check out the website. It will be updated for the new release and as the second book is nearing completion.
Check out the book page for Tales of Lunis Aquaria where you can buy it and short summaries of the stories.

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  1. Flora says:

    I don’t think you just have to focus on one manuscript at a time, if the muse takes you write what feels right. I know of lots of authors who have many manuscripts on the go at once. Each at a different stage of development.

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