Review: Killian’s Dead by Josie Jaffrey

Review: Killian’s Dead by Josie JaffreyKillian's Dead by Josie Jaffrey
Series: Seekers #0.5

on Jun 4 2020
Also by this author: The Gilded King (Sovereign, #1), The Silver Queen, The Blood Prince, Judgement Day, May Day (Seekers #1)
Also in this series: Judgement Day
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 60
Format: ebook

Love is for losers.

Jack doesn't care about anything except music. All she wants to do is find a decent gig, stand by the speakers and let the bass roll through her. It's the only reason she gets out of bed.

Until she meets Winta. In the space of a second, everything is different. Winta knows what she wants and for one night, what she wants is Jack. It feels like the start of forever.

Then Winta disappears and Jack faces a choice: should she go back to her life, or track down the only girl who can change it beyond recognition?
One things' certain: Jack has no idea what she's getting herself into.

Killian’s Dead is a short 60-page story released as a prelude to Josie Jaffrey’s new series, Seekers.

Reviewing a short story is pretty hard especially when you don’t want to spoil too much. So I’m not going into the story too much. Killian’s Dead is a suspense story, and it’s doing it well. Instead of focusing on the world building, Jaffrey uses Jack’s relationship dynamics to tell the story. That’s what makes this story so strong.

The story is written from a first person perspective and the name of the main character is revealed pretty late. This adds to the mystery of the story. Who is Winta and what happened to her? You see Jack change in front of you, and then the cliffhanger happens. It is filled with little seeds that will no doubt sprout into massive trees in the upcoming books in the series.

I rate Killian’s Dead with four stars. It’s an excellent teaser for her new series and I’m super excited to read it. I loved Josie Jaffrey’s previous books so I know I’ll love this one too. Her writing style is amazing and she knows her stuff. May Day will be released July 9th so preorder it now!

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