What’s Coming Next?

It’s been a while since I gave an update on my writing and as you might have noticed, things did not entirely go according to plan. My health got in the way again but I’m working on it. Like with everything that’s also a constant work in progress. You’re never done maintaining your health. I will continue working on my health through next year and get stronger, closer to my ideal weight, eating better. All of these fit to my standards and no one else’s.

New Covers!

My new covers are here! I’m going to do a cover reveal for Devil’s Deal soon. It’ll include a scavenger hunt where you can find something nice at the end. I’ve prepared digital goodies for you to enjoy, maybe even a free book…? Maybe. Come back and see. Here’s a little teaser of the awesome typography of the titles for the books. The last slide, Infernal Contracts, is the series title. Don’t they look gorgeous? Ravven did a great job with the covers and I can’t wait to share the new Devil’s Deal cover with you all!

Lucifer’s Favour

I’m currently wrapping up this round of edits for Lucifer’s Favour. A lot has changed since the previous round so I can’t promise how many passes it needs before I’m satisfied. It might be one. I might need at least two. It’s hard to say at this point. But I’m working on it and it will come! Think Q1 next year. Most of the hard work is done so now it’s mostly polishing until it shines.

Beelzebub’s Bargain

This beast is next. I say beast because the word count is at least 10k above the other two books and I need to make significant changes to it. This revision round will take a while but that’s okay because the book will be that much better. Beelzebub’s Bargain needs some serious work and multiple edits so I’m not going to even give an estimate for when I’ll publish it. I learned not to do that anymore.

Marella’s Story

If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter you had the chance to already read a short story about Marella (if you’re interested, you can sign up here) and next year I’ll be working on a full novel with her as the main character. I’ve already fast drafted it but will need to fill in the rest before I send it to an editor. It’s currently about half the word count I want it to be. But with all the research I’ve done and other bits and pieces I’ve learned, I know I can fill up the rest.

And After That?

Well… I might be or might not be already a new series in the Lunis Aquaria universe. It’s currently a four-book series, consisting of a trilogy and one companion book from a whole new perspective. I have summaries for all the books, and a whole lot of world-building, also pulling from one of the short stories of Tales of Lunis Aquaria. It’ll be closely related to what’s happening there.

New release!

And let’s not forget I’ve got a new Lunis Aquaria short story coming out this December in the Winter Wonders anthology. I’m super excited about that one too.

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