From Shortlist to Second Place

Nearly one and a half year ago, I wrote that my short story The Champion of Wintersdeep was shortlisted in the Comic-Con writing contest. I entered this story in December 2019, and on September first this year, I finally got the results of the contest. The last round was a popularity contest, and I asked you to vote for me. Well, you showed up.

The Champion of Wintersdeep got second place!

I want to thank all of you who voted for me, who read my story, and who boosted the competition. I couldn’t have done this without you. The win was unexpected, and I was already grateful for the industry professionals who picked the story. Several of the other authors have multiple books out with Dutch publishers and since all of the judges are Dutch, I thought they’d have an advantage over those of us who wrote in English.

The first place went to Light of My Life by Xin Yu Cui and it’s well-deserved. Her story is so lovely. It’s about a boy who lost his sister and a game they used to play. Only, was it really a game? If you want to read her story (or mine), you can check them out here.

Since I’d consider the short story old, and not a reflection of my current writing skills, I want to give it another edit before I share it with you here. I’ll also ignore the 2000 word limit I had so it’ll probably be longer. It’s a very personal story (if you read it, you know why) and I want to share it with more people. So come back later to check out the updated version!

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