Blogmas: Novelty Tea

I’ve been a tea drinker for years and have developed my preferences, but I’m always looking for something adventurous to try. And luckily there are more tea lovers who love to experiment with exciting new flavours. Below are a few smaller businesses that specialise in teas.

Riddle’s Tea Shop

Riddle’s Tea Shop breathes fandom. Their teas are made around the elements of fiction they loved. Joe, the designer of the team, also creates pins, bookmarks and mugs to further your fandom cravings. It only makes sense to drink Gringot’s Gold tea from a Harry Potter themed mug, right?

You can also find them in subscription boxes as they collaborate with those often and they also have their own quarterly boxes (none available now), which aren’t available as a subscription. Teas from these subscriptions might still be available in their regular shop, like the Dementor’s Kiss Tea, a chocolate chai tea. This tea first appeared in the quarterly Death Eaters’ Tea Club box. The Auror Tea Society has light themed teas.

They just restocked a bunch of their teas and other items, but you’ll have to be quick! The store closes this Friday until next year. So if you want some Every Flavour Tea, don’t wait. Order now.
Tea and cake\


Hide your addiction in plain sight with these book shaped tea tins. All of them filled with pun riddled teas like Matcha Do About Nothing or Pride & Peppermint. The tin and tea combination is a little pricey, but I think with the size of tin, it’s definitely worth it. Each tin also has 22 cups worth of tea, which is a fair amount. You can also get the tea in smaller packages as a sampler with 11 cups per flavour, or a giant refiller with 33 cups.

The only downside is that your favourite book might not be filled with the tea you like. Pride & Prejudice is one of my favourite books, but peppermint is not one of my go-to flavours. I’d buy the tin and gift the tea to someone else and put it another tea. Or is that cheating?

I wish I had known about these before. I love me some puns and the teas sound delicious!

Literary Tea Company

The Literary Tea Company also specialises in teas to complement books. They’re a Rosie Lea Tea company from the UK and offer a wide selection of loose tea leaves.

Rosie Lea Tea also has a collection of fandom inspired teas on their main website. Every item has an ingredients list so you know what’s in every tea. It also indicates if it’s decaf or not. This is perfect for people who have allergies or strong reactions to certain plants.

Add a mug or tea infuser with a bookish quote or charms on it to make your gift complete. All of the items are cute but practical. Reuse the tins for other teas or use them as pen holders. They’re definitely worth checking out.

I just noticed their Etsy shop is already on a break since they’ve been flooded with orders. Do follow them to get a notice when they’re open again. You can still order from the Rosie Lea Tea website.

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