ARC Review: Haunted Legacy by Carissa Andrews

ARC Review: Haunted Legacy by Carissa AndrewsHaunted Legacy by Carissa Andrews

on 3 November 2020
Also by this author: Secret Legacy (The Windhaven Witches, #1), Soul Legacy (The Windhaven Witches #2)
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: ebook

Being haunted by ghosts isn’t unusual for Autumn, but this time it’s someone she didn’t think was dead.

Autumn’s world is a life of ghosts, death, and destruction. The last thing she wants is to be the cause of her boyfriend’s early demise. Especially when she’s already been warned by the Angel of Death to stay away from him. So, to keep Wade safe, there’s only one thing to do: end it.

But of course, fate doesn’t let them off the hook that easy. Thrust together for a school project, Wade is put right in the line of fire when an unexplained, and surprisingly violent, haunting erupts at Blackwood Manor.

To figure out how to stop it, Autumn has to communicate with the spirit, but it will do anything to protect its identity. The deeper Autumn digs, the more sinister the truth becomes. Devastated and vulnerable, Autumn has to face the facts and find a way to end the ghost’s deadly attacks. Otherwise, both she and Wade will become the ghost’s next victim.

Thanks to the author for providing the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Haunted Legacy is the third book in The Windhaven Witches series and I just finished the second book, Soul Legacy. If you haven’t read the first two books, this review might contain minor spoilers.

The timing for reading Haunted Legacy was perfect. We just recently got an infrared sauna for my health and if you’re familiar with how the sauna works, you’ll know the lamps will turn off as soon as the target temperature is reached. Then they’ll turn back on as the temperature goes down. This happens exactly during a poltergeist scene where lamps explode and a whirlwind destroys the room. The lights around me go off and the new wood is creaking around me. Well, let’s just say it really added to the immersion of the story.

After a resurrection in the first book and a zombie invasion in the second book, we’re now dealing with a poltergeist. Of course, this is just a really generic way to describe it since I don’t really want to spoil the fun. All the characters are familiar by this point. Autumn and her friends are once again having to deal with a major problem and they all get to show off their talents.

What I really like about this book, is we finally understand more about Autumn’s family. We already knew about Abigail and Warren, but it was her parents that I was more curious about. Through her getting to know her dad again she finds out more about what it means to be a necromancer too. It’s funny how during all that she’s going and went through, she hardly ever thought of consulting her teachers for more knowledge on the subjects.

There’s not much more to say. The story is highly enjoyable, fast-paced, and keeps you on your toes. If you want a quick to read series, this is it. I’m glad to see there’s still character growth in the third book.

I give Haunted Legacy four stars. The added ambiance really made the book scarier than it was, but it was a good experience. It still is a recommended series if you like urban fantasy and necromancers. Andrews added a nice twist at the end which is really promising for the last book, Cursed Legacy. It’s out at the beginning of December, so keep your eyes open!

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