ARC Review: Soul Legacy by Carissa Andrews

ARC Review: Soul Legacy by Carissa AndrewsSoul Legacy (The Windhaven Witches #2) by Carissa Andrews

Published by Author Revolution LLC on October 6 2020
Also by this author: Secret Legacy (The Windhaven Witches, #1), Haunted Legacy
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 230
Format: ebook

Turns out being the town’s only necromancer could pose some problems when the dead won’t stay dead.

The new semester of Windhaven Academy is about to start, and already Autumn Blackwood’s life is in jeopardy. Rumors are swirling around the school that Autumn and her boyfriend are raising the revenants, and Autumn worries they might be right.

What if the resurrection she performed last semester wasn’t as successful as she thought? What if she really is the cause of the dead returning to life?

Soon, Autumn and her boyfriend find themselves in the center of a supernatural federal investigation that could land them both in prison—or something far worse. And if Autumn doesn’t find out what’s really behind the soulless scourge quickly enough, everyone she cares about could be next on death's list.

Soul Legacy is a harrowing and suspenseful supernatural mystery for fans of heart-thumping paranormal tales! Fans of Deborah Harkness and Kelley Armstrong will love The Windhaven Witches by Carissa Andrews!

Soul legacy by Carissa Andrews is the second book in The Windhaven Witches series. Another semester starts at the Windhaven academy and Wade finally joined Autumn, but not without problems. Bodies disappeared from the cemetery and people think Wade has something to do with it. As a necromancer, Autumn doesn’t escape the grapevine either. It’s time for her to explore her talents and her family’s legacy.

I really like Autumn getting in touch with her powers. It’s kind of sad that all of this has to happen before she gets a chance to get used to the idea of being a necromancer. Her dad is gone and her mother is still in a no-contact zone, which is really convenient, or not. We see a lot of growth in Autumn and change in Wade. Even the twins show their true nature.

What really interests me is Abigail and the Blackwood manor. There seems to be so much history and mystery, and I would like to find out. I don’t like how Autumn has to find out her family history through newspaper clippings instead of talking with her father. Instead, Abigail is her teacher, which makes sense if his powers aren’t that strong. But I’d really like to her have stronger family ties because it doesn’t make sense that she doesn’t.

Her relationship with Wade is getting close to gaslighting at times; not a good look. It gets better at the book as some things are revealed (no spoilers, so I won’t say what!). It’s still a bit weird with the two of them and Autumn’s old friends and I don’t get their reaction to Wade, not even after finishing the book. Autumn as a character is believable, Wade a bit less, but the rest is kind of flat.

The story itself is good and it definitely kept me reading. Abigail is amazing and Autumn exploring a new part of the house is exciting. I want more of it. Hopefully, we’ll get more in the next two books. Because there is only two left…

I give Soul Legacy four stars. It’s an entertaining read with an interesting premise. Keep your eyes out for the next book, Haunted Legacy, out on November third.

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