Book Tour: The Cake Fairies by Isabella May

Book Tour: The Cake Fairies by Isabella MayThe Cake Fairies by Isabella May

on January 11, 2020
Also by this author: The Ice Cream Parlour
Genres: Romance
Pages: 397
Format: ebook

"Nigella in a novel." - HEIDI CATHERINE

1960's Somerset is no fun for cousins Polly and Annabelle Williams. Mourning their non-existent love lives, and the mundanity of village life, their only pleasure is baking - until a chance encounter has them magically transported to the bright lights of London... in 2019!

Promised a chance of love, first they must teach the people of the future about the simpler pleasures of life by becoming Cake Fairies. Over the course of a year they set off on a delectable tour of the UK, dropping off cakes in the most unexpected of places and replacing the lure of technology with much sweeter temptations.

But will their philanthropical endeavours lead them to everlasting love? Or will they discover you can't have your cake and eat it?

The Cake Fairies is the fifth novel by fantastical foodie author, Isabella May.

When I heard Rachel was organizing another tour for Isabella May, I immediately signed up. Isabella tweeted regularly about her new cake-centered book over the past year, so I was really excited to read it. Rachel was kind of to provide me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

The Cake Fairies is Isabella’s fifth book, the fifth foodie romance delight. I say this because her books cross genres in the best way possible. In The Cake Fairies cousins Polly and Annabelle travel through time to fix their love life and the technology addicted UK. They use the concept of the book fairies to spread joy throughout the country. The idea is bonkers and I love it. If you don’t know what kind of cake to make for the next birthday, this will certainly give you some fun ideas.

Polly and Annabelle each have their own flaws and reasons why their love life hasn’t worked out. Although Polly is mostly at fault for not seeing the signs, and Annabelle for putting herself second, always. They fight and make up several times, showing their love for one another. The dynamic between the two is great, especially because it’s evolving. That makes it a very human story with a fun background.

Isabelle mentioned that this is her longest book to date. And I have to agree, it’s long. A bit too long in my opinion. There’s a lot of exposition that doesn’t directly contribute to the story and the first few chapters are slow. The cousins hold one conversation over multiple chapters, from both perspectives. I felt myself skimming parts where a conversation started but a lot of internal monologue interjected. Some references felt out of place too.

All in all, The Cake Fairies is very enjoyable, but not as good as The Ice Cream Parlour. I give it four stars because the story is great, it’s still well written, but a bit too much at times. Isabella May has shown that her creativity is out of this world with another great story. Take it with you on a holiday and you won’t be bored by the side of the pool. Don’t forget a slice of your favourite cake either.

About Isabella May

Isabella May

Isabella May lives in (mostly) sunny Andalucia, Spain with her husband, daughter and son, creatively inspired by the sea and the mountains. Having grown up on Glastonbury’s ley lines however, she’s unable to completely shake off her spiritual inner child, and is a Law of Attraction fanatic.

Cake, cocktail, and travel obsessed, she also loves nothing more than to (quietly) break life’s ‘rules’.

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