Writing Prompts Round Up And 2019 Themes

One way to warm up your creative muscle and practice your writing are writing prompts. You can use them with small writing exercises or for free writing. I started posting writing prompts every month since the beginning of the year and I’ll continue doing so. I hope you’ll continue to use them in your (hand) writing practice. Follow me on Instagram for examples of such writing prompts.

Each month in 2019 will have its own theme, but I tried to stay away from the obvious choices for those themes. I won’t reveal the themes yet to keep you curious, but there’s a wide variety. None of the prompts are bound by the month like the 2018 prompts, so you can mix up the prompts if you want to. Pick the ones you like whenever you like. I hope these will inspire your work, whether it’s practice you share or keep private.

See the gallery of all the 2018 writing prompts below. You can also find them on the dedicated page. The 2019 gallery will be added to that page throughout the year as well. Follow Narratess on Twitter for the writing prompts on the first of every month. Tag me if you use these prompts and I’ll retweet or highlight you.

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