Blogmas Round Up

It’s done! I’ll be celebrating the second day of Christmas but Blogmas is done. It was hard to write about 25 Christmas topics and I never expected that. Maybe Christmas just isn’t my kind of holiday. I like to be lazy, eat, cuddle with my husband and dog, and watch sappy tv. Then binging on food that I know isn’t good for me. Coming up with topics was much harder than Blaugust which I did on my other blog, but I’m proud of myself that I did see it through and that it was still quality content. Next year it’ll be one gift guide at the end of November instead of Blogmas. I might even do a Christmas themed short story if I can find the time during the summer.

I’ve shared my Christmas traditions, experiences and thoughts with you. Some topics were more loved than others and that’s okay. If you did like one particular topic that you want to know more about, let me know. I hope you enjoyed this month’s content so far. Next up is my end of the year special with things old and new. I’ll talk about the books I’ve read this year, the books I’m anticipating next year, and I made a twelve-book reading challenge.

All the Blogmas posts in a row

Day 1 – Introduction
Day 2 – Citrus Book Bindery
Day 3 – Shimmering ink
Day 4 – Hand lettering goods
Day 5 – Blind book exchange
Day 6 – PenBBS fountain pens
Day 7 – Literary book gifts
Day 8 – Ink samples
Day 9 – Woolly gifts
Day 10 – Limited Edition pens
Day 11 – Bath Bombs
Day 12 – Stationery
Day 13 – Novelty Tea
Day 14 – Books to give
Day 15 – YA book box subscription
Day 16 – 2019 planners
Day 17 – Netflix Christmas movies
Day 18 – Festive Beverages
Day 19 – Christmas market
Day 20 – Seasons greetings
Day 21 – Christmas dishes
Day 22 – Decorated baubles
Day 23 – Seasonal sweets
Day 24 – All you need is love
Day 25 – Handwritten note

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