#Indieapril wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who participated in #indieapril! It’s been amazing. We’ve put thirty amazing authors in the spotlight, and we’re going to do it again in August. I think it’s a nice selection of both fantasy and science fiction authors (although a little light on the science fiction side), in both young adult and adult age categories. I really hope you enjoyed the spotlights and discovering new authors as much as I did. I bought a few books and added even more to my TBR. Come back in August for another round of author spotlights!

If you’re a reader, it’s still not too late to support an indie author and buy their book.

April 1: Heleen Kist
April 2: David H. Reiss
April 3: Josie Jaffrey
April 4: Blake Arthur Peel
April 5: Luke Tarzian
April 6: JC Kang
April 7: Sarra Cannon
April 8: Day Leitao
April 9: Carissa Andrews
April 10: Claire Luana
April 11: Terah Edun
April 12: Marie Andreas
April 13: Chris Durston
April 14: Miranda Honfleur
April 15: Chris Farnell
April 16: Will Wight
April 17: Lisa Blackwood
April 18: Angelique S. Anderson
April 19: Nicolette Andrews
April 20: Graham Austin-King
April 21: Luna Joya
April 22: Rachel Emma Shaw
April 23: Patrick Samphire
April 24: KM Jackways
April 25: Joyce Chng
April 26: Olga Gibbs
April 27: Marina Ermakova
April 28: GM White
April 29: Jesse Nolan Bailey
April 30: Anthea Sharp

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