Full #indieapril Wrap-Up

April was an incredibly busy month. I usually don’t do wrapups but I wanted to do one for last month. #indieapril has a special place in my heart as an indie writer, supporter, and reader. I want to connect readers and authors. I feel like I succeeded with the sale, the spotlights, and the reviews. So many people bought books in the sale and the spotlight shone brightly.

Release Lucifer’s Favour

The launch of a second book isn’t nearly as exciting as the first one or the last one in a series. That’s especially the case when the first book hasn’t done that well. Only a dozen or so people might read Lucifer’s Favour before the third book comes out. That’s why I didn’t spend a lot of time on the release. I’m proud of this book. I can see my growth as a writer and there are some parts that I’m super proud of. But I never had high expectations of the sales. Thank you to Shelly for preordering <3 I really appreciate it and you.

Buy Lucifer’s Favour now

#indieapril sale

I’ll be short about this one since I already wrote about how the event went. This event took up a lot of time. My husband and I worked till late at night to make sure everything was good to go. We made mistakes and fixed them. The participating authors were patient with us as we tried to figure out everything and all the friends online helped this become a success. We definitely want to host more sales.

Indie Author Spotlights

We can’t forget about all the indie authors who shared the spotlight. Here’s an overview of all the authors put in the spotlight this month. If you’re an author and want me to write one up for you during #indieaugust, sign up via this form.

L. L. MacRae
Bjørn Larssen
Trudie Skies
Craig Rathbone
J.H. Rose
James Robert Paige
Phil Williams
S.D. Howarth
Jaimi Farleigh
Cherie Mitchell
A.E. Bross
Jon Ford
B.K. Bass
Rory Michaelson
G.M. Nair
E.K. Barnes
Adie Hart
Rune Rivers
David R White
D.J. Russo
C. Vandyke
A.C. Cross
EM Harding
Tao Wong
Tim Ruel
Rob J. Hayes
Dylan King
Kate Stevens
Suzanne Rogerson
Joanna Maciejewska

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