#indieaugust wrap-up

August was a whirlwind of a month. Any month when I run a sale is, to be honest. But I love sharing my fellow indies and helping readers find new excellent books. Here’s a wrap-up of everything I did last month.

Narratess Indie Sale

The Narratess Indie Sale ran for the second time during the first weekend of August, 6 and 7. I made the mistake in April to start the sale during Easter, this time it might have been too early in the month due to the summer break. Still, we had a lot of people taking part. And way more interested readers! We made a full infographic for the participating authors but I wanted to share a few stats with you too.

I had expected this to be a smaller sale in terms of books. In April we had 97 books, and now we had 93 books. I didn’t advertise signing up as much as I did before but we still had a significant amount of new authors contacting me. And I expect that will be the case again next April.

I also gathered a few fun facts about the sale. Even though this sale was shorter, we had about the same amount of visitors as in April.

Indie book haul

Before I share my complete haul, I’ll have to note that I buy my books on Kobo. This limits the books I can buy because of Kindle Unlimited’s exclusivity. I also ‘buy’ a lot of free books, which will be mixed into this list. All of the books on this list are ebooks.

The Left Hand of Dog by SI Clarke
Stardust Wake by SI Clarke
Nefertiti’s Heart by A.W. Exley
Adamant by Emma L. Adams
Gift of the Destroyer by Jeroen Steenbeeke (a second purchase because I know I’ve already read it but not sure where that copy is now)
Windward by S. Kaeth
Shackles of the Storm by D. & L. Kardenal
Once Stolen by D.N. Bryn
Child of Tempus by Winnifred Tataw
The Dinosaur Hunters: The Casebook of Harriet George by Patrick Samphire (I already read this one but wanted to support the author and bought it)
A Shift in Shadows by Maddox Grey
The Vial of Deziar by Kevin Barrick
Sand Dancer by Trudie Skies
Moonshadow’s Guardian by Dianna Gunn
Faerie Blood by Emma L. Adams
Tidepool by Nicole Wilson
The Starlight Chronicles (books 1 – 4) by C. S. Johnson
The Paradise Factory by Jim Keen
Oblivion’s Gate Trilogy by Ryan Kirk

Author Spotlights

Rue Sparks
Oli Jacobs
Melinda Kecsera
Kara Jorgensen
Ceril N Domace
R. A. Klepsis
A. R. Witham
Vaela Denarr & Micah Iannandrea
Alex Robins
Laura Laakso
Joshua Shuh
Joel Spriggs
Dave Dobson
Cal Black
Rory August
JCM Berne
Kian N. Ardalan
Raina Nightingale
Chris Gerrib
William C. Tracy
K.A. Wiggins
Leslie Griffin
EJ Fisch
D. A. Smith
A.J. Flowers
T. M. Kohl
PJ Garcin
Winnifred Tataw
Christopher Guhl
Susana Imaginário
Azalea Forrest

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